Newark History Society

The Newark History Society encourages original research into different aspects of Newark’s history. This section provides access to the text of several talks presented at Society programs and to other significant research. We invite your suggestions for other materials to make available.

December 3, 2012

The Newark Communist Party:
1910 to the New Deal

Warren Grover
Author of Nazis in Newark


November 14, 2012

Newark Remembers
John T. Cunningham

Clement Alexander Price, Chad Leinaweaver,
Thomas McCabe, and Timothy J. Crist


November 2, 2012

Remarks at the Centennial Celebration
of the Statue of George Washington
in Washington Park, Newark

Timothy J. Crist
President, Newark History Society


September 19, 2011

When Princeton was in Newark:
Aaron Burr, Sr. and Newark in the 1750s

Timothy J. Crist
President, Newark History Society


June 1, 2011

Lincoln & Newark

Thomas McCabe, Lecturer, Rutgers-Newark


November 9, 2009

Godly Government
Puritans and the Founding of Newark

Timothy J. Crist
President, Newark History Society


March 23, 2009

How the Depression Transformed
Newark City Government

Dan O’Flaherty, Professor of Economics,
Columbia University


January 24, 2002

Paul Stellhorn and the History of Newark

Professor Clement A. Price
Rutgers University–Newark